Our Rates:

Due to Covid-19 you must supply your own bedding including pillows.

All camping cabins are furnished with Stove, Refrigerator, Dishes, Cooking Utensils.

Towels and personal items such as soap and dish soap are not supplied.

All cabins have a picnic table and campfire pit.

Extra fee for pets in cabins

2021 Prices


Prices subject to change without notice. A non refundable deposit is required.

An Energy Surcharge may be charged if energy prices continue to rise.


Rustic Cabin: $59.00 per night $354.00 per week

Rustic Cabins have no running water, Shower House is nearby.

Four person Cabins.


Modern Cabin: $91.00 per night $546.00 per week

Modern Cabins have 2 bedrooms, Bathrooms and Showers.

Four person Cabins.


Premium Cabin: $115.00 per night $690.00 per week

Premium Cabins are larger than Modern Cabins.

An extra person fee (excluding small children) will be charged on all cabins.

Minimum two nights on weekends, an extra fee for one night stay.


Camping: With Electric $35.00 per night $210.00 per week

Rustic $25.00 per night $150.00 per week

Water is available at most sites. A Dump Station is available.

Monthly Rates are available .


                         Boats and Pontoon Boats: Pontoon Boats $130.00 per day For Camping Customers,                                         

                                                              $140.00 for non-Campers.                                                                       

A Damage Deposit is required on Pontoon Rentals.

Boat and Motor $65.00 per day.

Boat only $25.00 per day

Boats and Pontoons should be reserved

Warning: Boat prices will rise with gas prices! Rates are not guaranteed.

Paved Launch no extra fee for campers who bring their own boat.